Tuesday, 16 August 2016

it's to sing up the earth

Richard Long, White light walk (1987)

Just do your work. And if the world needs your work it will come and get you. And if it doesn’t, do your work anyway. You can have fantasies about having control over the world, but I know I can barely control my kitchen sink. That is the grace I’m given. Because when one can control things, one is limited to one’s own vision.

- Kiki Smith

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Eric Roinestad
Kate V. Robertson, Revelation (2010)
Arna Óttarsdóttir, Green slab (2013)


I’ve said before that it’s important to have people that believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. Your community doesn’t have to be big but it has to have the heart

Tina Dang 
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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Dear Good Looker,
Gosh. So much to tell, so little time. Let's cut to the chase....

I need your help, dearest reader, with a project I have been busy putting together. I cordially invite you, and your loved ones, to celebrate the space of otherness, difference and delight that your body occupies through THIS SURVEY all about movement.

Move Me is an ever evolving survey designed to prompt people to think more deeply about their bodies in terms of movement choices, habits and patterns. The project is about commonality: The one thing we all have in common is that we have to move to live.

Researching the whys and ways of movement is a part of my job as a yoga teacher. I know there is a vast amount of information and advice about the way we 'should' move out there,  but often lacking from this are the personal stories, from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences,  that shape each of us in discrete and individual ways. Through eight years of teaching it is these stories that have come to help finesse what I do beyond the more 'evidence based' scientific discourse. This thread is a vital part of the map to understanding what it is we need to feel well.

Human beings are not built to float you see. They need an earthly anchor of meaning and care so they don't get left in confusion. This survey, with your help, is my contribution that anchor of meaning. The information gathered is being used on an ongoing blog and as research for an art project, both aim to express a riot of opinion and give a snapshot of the complexity of modern movement decisions with cultural influences; a portrait of the human body today revealing impulses that influence our daily ritual of being.
Anyone who has a body is invited to take part and I am also open to creative submissions about movement, like this wonderful story, from everyone and anyone.

Join me for this major shift in cultural thinking and be the laxative which lubricates the constipation of the way we contemplate movement (I'm so sorry about that sentence).
(please note, you can answer anonymously and you DO NOT have to answer everything, just whatever takes your fancy.)


The revolution is now. Yay! However, I know finding people willing to give up precious time to fill out a long winded survey is hard (I have no idea why). So, following the runaway success of my past newsletters free hug initiative, I urge you to forward this email to ALL PEOPLE WITH BODIES that might be interested in taking part. Come to me (click here) with evidence of your benevolence, and I will send you something magic in the post.
You can be social and forward via the magic of these buttons....