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Pen & Ink

Tattoos and the stories behind them from Pen & Ink.

“I believe the personal is the collective. One of the ironies of writing memoir is in using the “I” it becomes an alchemical “we.” This is the sorcery of literature. We write out of our humanity by writing through our direct experience. That which is most personal is most general, which becomes both our insight and protection as a writers. This is our authority as women, as human beings.”

Riot Grrrl

“This flyer, a pre–Riot Grrrl ‘manifesto’ that was later repurposed for the minizine Riot Grrrl, is the first image in the book. Kathleen told me she made it in 1989, when she was volunteering at Safeplace, Olympia’s long-lived domestic-violence shelter and advocacy organization. Designed so that it could be folded up into a small rectangle with the word trust on top, this flyer was both a secret invitation and a public announcement, much like Riot Grrrl itself.”

Archivist Lisa Darms reflects on her favorites from the Riot Grrrl Collection.


Source: gifmovie

“Did I say I was gathering
myself back in? Did I lie
and say these ragged, bitten
stub-fingers make me strong?
Did I pretend muscle
is marble, claim
blood-raw sin is as
glossy as a photograph?”

— From “Calluses," a poem in Instructions For Preparing Your Skin by Ariana Nadia Nash, reviewed here by Diego Báez.

I am lived. I am died.
I was two-leafed three times, and grazed,
but then I was stemmed and multiplied,
sharp-thorned and caned, nested and raised,
earth-salt by sun-sugar. I am innerly sung
by thrushes who need fear no eyed skin thing.
Finched, ant-run, flowered, I am given the years
in now fewer berries, now more of sling
out over directions of luscious dung.
Of water the crankshaft, of gases the gears
my shape is cattle-pruned to a crown spread sprung
above the starve-gut instinct to make prairies
of everywhere. My thorns are stuck with caries
of mice and rank lizards by the butcher bird.
Inches in, baby seed-screamers get supplied.
I am lived and died in, vine-woven, multiplied.

Les Murray, “Cockspur Bush.”
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Monday, 29 July 2013

I don't do horoscopes, but...

...i LOVE these from Madame Clairevoyant...

Libra: This week is going to be about looking at everything that takes up space in your life and everything that takes up space in your head, all your dresses and books and feelings and memories, and sorting through them. This week is about holding tight to the things you’re going to bring with you and the things you’re going to leave behind and the things that will float, ghostlike and dreamy, on through your life, wherever you go, watching you, holding you up. Clean your room and clean your kitchen and listen to country songs.


From The Rumpus
Image by Jen May

The Astronomical Phenomena Of The Universe

Found at retronaut


There is a sequence in this collection....i'm working on it...

1. Taken from Glamour of the Gods app featuring 235 images, an exclusive video tour of the National Portrait Gallery exhibition and fully illustrated essays but Robert Dance and John Russell Taylor.
2. Found here
3. “Dancer Jean Rai demonstrating the Black Bottom Blues, the latest dance craze from America at the Lido club in the Champs-Élysées.” Found here.
4. Found here


People need to be encouraged. People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are. People need to be believed in—told that they are brave and smart and capable of accomplishing all the dreams they dream and more. Remind each other of this.

--Stacey Jean Speer 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Friday, 26 July 2013

What do you like about your body?

“I like that I can move with it. I like that eyelashes are long. I like that my skin is half white and half brown. I like that my hair can shake.” – 6-year-old Bayan

“I like my eyes. It changes colors and I can see everything. I like my legs too. They are very long.” – 5-year-old Cherae

“Something I like about my body is how fast I can run, and how healthy I am.” – 9-year-old Lana

“I like my hands they help draw.” – 6-year-old Laila

“My whole body I love I love.” – 4-year-old Layla

“I like my body because it’s magic.” - 5-year-old Sofia (aka Lola)

"By 13 years-old 53% of girls say they are unhappy with their bodies. When were we happy? Marie C. photographed and interviewed 4-8 year old girls and asked them what they liked about their bodies to find out."


We need to bring our children up to keep hold of thoughts like this.

Start where you are.

When you approach a challenge in a pose ask yourself 'Where do i feel safe/comfortable?'
Over time you build on that comfort and do what needs to be done to bring back optimal function in that movement.

Don't Forget

Collected photographs 'Don't Forget' by Mariken Wessels. Found via here