Thursday, 15 October 2015

clay bodies

Vessels like these have been found across the globe dating back millenia. Clay is easily shaped and decorated, allowing people to convey information about cultural identity, society and beliefs through design.

Fired clay pots sometimes absorb traces of their contents, which scientific analysis can sometimes identify helping to tell us more about life and death through history.

For me it is the trans-formative firing process that makes ceramics unique as an art form. You make work and then give it to the fire and hope that during its metamorphis something beyond your expectations emerges. It's a natural process and I like to think of it like the body aging. No two human bodies grow the same and no two pots emerge the same.

Placing something you have labored over into a kiln, relinquishing control over its final aesthetics, takes a certain mind set, patience and a certain amount of faith.

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