Thursday, 28 January 2016

week 3

Your eyes are full of language.

A little bit of eyeball movement for this week prompted by my joining Instagram. I don't need more excuses to stare at my various screens so I'm a little annoyed with myself...

Overtime I will be giving you a few simple exercises for your eyes, but for now lets keep it simple and ask yourself this; What was the last horizon you set your sights on?

The muscles in your eyes will change shape in response to focusing on what’s in front of them. A computer screen, for example, will prompt the reflexive behavior of the eye to hold the position of your lens. Now those lensballs were made for seeing near and far and if you don't use them you loose them so...

1. LOOK AWAY FROM YOUR SCREEN, I'm presuming so do forgive me if you are gazing at something else, to something as far of in the distance as you can as many times as you remember throughout the day.

2. If remembering is not your thing then add this nifty little programme, Time Out, to your computer to remind you to take eye breaks

3. Send me a picture of the next horizon you see.I like pictures.

With thanks Katy Bowman and Ruth White for enabling me to see a little better with all your advice.

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