Friday, 15 January 2016

week one

...we'll start simple...


That's all. I know it's cold, but that's good for you too sometimes (more on that another day).
If you find that you have your toe-lock-socks and shoe-prisons on most of the day, then start slowly by slipping them off every now and again at work and IMMEDIATELY when you get home.
If your work and/or home are already free of the aforementioned then why not go all out (go on, I dare you) and get those feet in contact with as many different surfaces as you can throughout your week. The more texture, bumps and grooves the better.

If you start to notice that your day-to-day is filled with flat, even, hard surfaces then get creative about what you can find to walk on. There are grass verges EVERYWHERE and since you don't need that mat at your front door to wipe your shoes on anymore (cus you took them off right?!) then how about replacing it with a pebble mat! Google it (they exist) and make one!

Feeling all the texture the earth has to offer is a simple but profound pleasure and there are many many many benefits that accompany that pleasure. I recommend looking up Gary Ward (Author of What The Foot?) and Barefoot Ted (clues in the name) for some facts and figures and funny anecdotes.

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