Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Week 10

REACH (farther then for the remote control)

The natural motion of your shoulder and elbow axis is, as you might guess, important for your well being. Unfortunately it's a motion far to many of us a have altered by decades of hours at a desk (or other repetitive forward motion actions...insert option here...................).

Fortunately there is a habit you can inject into your everyday life to help combat this lack of range. REACHING. My favorite everyday variation of this is the 'Door Jamb Reach', as named by Katy Bowman. It's so simple, basically every time you walk through a door reach up with both arms to touch the top of the door frame, you can add to that with a fake hang, or a real one if the structure allows (bonus) or keep your arms straight and push your chest forward through your arms....and if you are feeling really fancy play around with the position of your elbows as you do this.


(p.s. not like this pictures, obviously, although it does look fun...)

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