Tuesday, 3 May 2016

food glorious food

’Fitness’ and food have a complex relationship. As a well trained yoga teacher with absolutely NO nutritional expertise what-so-ever I am all to often asked for my opinion on diet and food. Whilst I’m a good yoga teacher (I can sing my praises here cos it’s my own page ; ) and can help guide you with your movement needs, I’d make a terrible nutritionist. My opinions on food and diet are only really applicable to myself and not for public consumption. 

I have learned the hard way over the years that it is important to be incredibly mindful of the pseudoscience that forms the foundations of some 'wellness and health' agendas. Beware my friends, be very aware. My biggest frustration at the moment is all the extreme elimination diets out there, something the yoga community likes to dabble in. Ruby Tandoh put words to my annoyance today when she eloquently tweeted the following…
“there are so many people who medically benefit from elimination diets - everything from coeliac to diabetes, even specific types of epilepsy. The problem with vague 'wellness' is that it chucks a one size fits all diet at us all - which harms as many as it heals & contributes to food fear, fatphobia, classism and, crucially, mis/underdiagnosis of people who actually need these diets for their health”

YES Ruby! 

She also tweeted a link to the Angry Chef Blog and I promptly got lost for an hour, I came up for air to write this post and eat a sandwich and I would like to highly encourage those of you who are interested in the murky muddy waters of 'wellness' to have a peak too. Start with THIS article below and proceed with a curious mind. 

Food is a vital, enjoy it, share it and take care of yourself.

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