Friday, 6 May 2016

week 15


This weeks movement musing is a HUGE shout out to Katy Bowman.  My fan status for this woman knows no bounds, as I'm sure you are all aware. We are going to lay off the hanging for a week (although that is not a cue to get of your branch, keep up the good work) and talk about something else we should all spend time doing. Carrying things.

The Europe wide introduction of a small fee for a plastic bag at the supermarket is our friend in this instance. Now if, like me and my better half (who thinks my very existence is hilarious and so frequently snaps brilliantly attractive pictures like the one below), you always forget to bring a bag, then you are probably already doing what I am about to suggest. It’s simple. Vary the way you carry things.

Katy says it best herself…

“ Every way of holding something requires that you balance the holding with a particular set of muscles. Change the location of what you’re holding and, boom, you’ve changed the set of muscles used. By varying up your holds, you’ll be using more of your parts for a bout of walking. This is different than always putting your stuff in a backpack, where the same muscles are used over and over again. Savvy? Tip: Ok, you love your backpack and I love mine too. But what I do is carry that backpack in different ways.”


There are a million and one ways to vary the way you carry things each day and it’s a beautifully simple way to add more movement to your day.


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