Saturday, 25 June 2016

heart break

I am an immigrant, indefinitely so, with no future plans to one day return 'home' and yesterdays decision has left me feeling cut a drift, ashamed and heartbroken.

I love England, I do. I carry it with me, my heart is forever claimed by that mystical, damp, witty, cramped, eccentric, eruptive Isle and I don't find it hard to muster energy and emotion for my British heritage. But I don't give a flying fuck for the kind of isolationist, selfish, racist borders we will now frantically try and erect. Its painful to watch.

I know our history and our mythologies. I've read the books and listened to past witnesses. History can repeat itself and when we break with relations to Europe, we also break with our own mythology, our own history and understandings of the past. This is incredibly dangerous territory.
I can't speak to the immediate ephemeral stuff, thats what tv 'experts' and the internet is for, but i do know two things:

1. There’s no point blaming those who wished to leave; they are us too and they had their own intelligence and convictions. I understand the corruptive elements at play in both positions and can't help but wonder about the conversations long denied between us that have caused todays raw, calamitous bellow to fill the air. If you feel profoundly unwitnessed then the move to voice will almost always become desperate.
2. Now we are where we are know this; it is the fault of the likes of Farage, Boris and Cameron. Their lies are seductive. But In the name of all those you love, all those that have come before us and anyone who gives to the society and communities we all share please don’t be taken for a fool. Try and get past the statistics of this situation into the soul of what is happening. Your books matter. Your activism matters. The things that claim purchase on your heart matter. They absolutely do. They are not a whimsy. If we have been wandering in an enchantment then here is an awakening. You are absolutely needed and we need to come together to face those that would have us make decisions out of fear. Now is the time to start bearing witness to each other and stand up and fight for a fairer society.

Be the love that you want to see in this world.

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